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We started the business in an old stone house, and we haven’t forgotten our deep, strong roots in Solon, Ohio.  Our foundation remains our “center,” and is reflected in the panels of reclaimed wood in our offices overlooking Lake Erie from the top of One Cleveland Center. We’re a thoughtful, competitive team that is capturing opportunities and creating value for complex industries. We love a challenge. We also invite you to a game of pool at the top of One Cleveland Center—table’s open and waiting.

Bruce H. Ball
(216) 658-7836
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Dave Black
Executive Vice President, Construction
(216) 658-7841
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Jeremy A. Bryant
Senior Vice President
(216) 658-7810
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P.J. Insana
Executive Vice President, Benefits
(216) 658-7877
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Dennis Laughlin
President & CEO
(216) 658-7865
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Hal Rindels
Senior Vice President
(216) 658-7848
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Ken Ross, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
(216) 658-7864
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Eric S. Treend
Executive Vice President, Pyrotechnics
(216) 658-7846
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