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Risk Management for Child Care Facilities

Caring for children is rewarding and fun, however, it is not without its risks. Kids will be kids, which means falls, scrapes and a whole slew of accidents waiting to happen. Or are they? By utilizing a risk management expert like Britton Gallagher you can take proactive measures to minimize the occurrence of injuries and other accidents that can occur in a child care setting.

While some incidences can be prevented, there are some that will happen no matter how many precautionary measures you take. Selecting the right insurance coverage, whether you operate a physical child care facility or host one out of your home, is one of the most important decisions in addressing your risk exposures.

The risk management experts at Britton Gallagher can provide valuable resources to help you operate your child care center safely while minimizing risks which could be detrimental to your business and your reputation. We also have access to various insurance carriers and are knowledgeable in all forms of coverage from liability to workers compensation.

Protect Your Business & Your Interests

Child Care & Day Care Insurance

When it comes to your child care facility, it is important to understand the necessary insurance policies you must have in order to protect your business, your home, and most importantly, the children in your care.

Commercial Liability Insurance

A commercial liability insurance policy is designed specifically to fit your child care business’ needs, including general liability coverage for protection in the event of accidents or potential lawsuits. It also provides protection against medical expenses incurred for treating injuries of children in your care. In addition to this policy, you can ensure the protection of yourself, your family members, as well as your staff members by adding sexual abuse coverage.

Another added benefit of child care commercial liability insurance is the professional liability coverage that protects yourself and your employees in the event that the proper protection or supervision of the children in your care was not followed, resulting in an accident or injury.

Additional policies such as automobile, crime coverage, corporal punishment, and umbrella coverage can be added to ensure your child care business is covered in all the essential coverage areas.

Britton Gallagher has been providing quality and specialized insurance for commercial child cares, in-home facilities, and private schools for more than 40 years. Contact us at (800)607-4711 to get started on your customized risk management plan.
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